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“Here’s to China” Johnnie Walker TV ad

When the director said “We need to see a Caucasian more prominently,” that was my ticket to stardom. Don’t blink near the end.


Filmed on a frigid December evening on the outdoor deck at Attica on the Bund.

03.13.2007, 9:04 PM · Television, Video


  1. Hey Dan,

    I just started a blog about macau. When I lived in Beijing, my flatmate was a blogger, so I kept up with the blog scene and read your blog periodically. The one I’m writing now is a bit different than the ones I prefer to read (frankly, i’m more interested in “meatier” China related topics, but i’m filling a niche with the one i’m writing. anyway, my blog is about a month old and we’re just starting to promote it (including giving away free hotel room stays), so I’m contacting the bloggers that I followed when I was in the mainland. i invite you to get to check out the blog http://eblog.gomacau.com and the contest http://www.gomacau.com/game/en

    drop me a line for a chat. yrs, anders

  2. hey,dan.long time no see.
    looks like that you’ve got your bear gut:)

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