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Chinese Driver’s License and Shanghai Dog Licenses

chineselicenses.jpgFor no particular reason, I have scanned and uploaded images of my driver’s license and Ozzie’s dog license and immunization certificate.

The driver’s license was actually much easier to acquire than the other two. I have only used it once, when we rented a car and drove to Moganshan in March. If you’d like to learn how to get your own Chinese driver’s license, the is some more info over at Shanghaiist.

The dog licenses were the result of a long, frustrating process that I haven’t felt like writing about yet. It’s actually not that difficult once you find the only police officer in your district who knows what the hell is going on. Don’t rely on your landlord. And don’t rely on your friendly neighborhood policeman, who doesn’t really know the process but wants to help so much he creates a convoluted process of his own. Find a trusted Shanghainese friend and go to the police station yourself. And remember to bring RMB 2,000.

08.16.2006, 1:18 PM · Diary


  1. Many dogs here don’t have the permission licenses…

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