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The best hummus in Shanghai

BEST OF SHANGHAI: ‘One man’s opinion’

shanghaihummus.jpgI “studied” for a semester in Athens, Greece. Course load included Greek Culture, Greek Language, Creative Writing: Poetry and something called the Philosophy of Love and Sex, taught by a gay man who wore leather pants and a purple scarf and drove to class on a Harley. Our earliest class was at 2 pm. All classes were pass/fail. And, for some reason, the school provided us with ample spending money. That, my friends, is a recipe for disaster. I gained 15 pounds that spring, despite playing shooting guard for the school basketball team. (Granted, we only practiced twice a week and most practices were interrupted by several cigarette breaks.) Copious amounts of beer and wine likely played a factor in the weight gain, but most of it can be attributed to the Greek food. It’s easy to fall in love with. I’m hoping the arrival of Mediterranean Sandwich and Coffee Bar to the neighborhood (it used to be way out in some place called Hongqiao) doesn’t equal another 15 pounds.

But it’s going to be a struggle. This place is damn good — and they deliver (even during typhoons, I learned). I could live through a typhoon, and likely much, much longer, on this place’s hummus and home-baked pita bread alone. It’s the best hummus in the city — well worth the 20 kuai investment. Another early fave o fmine is the Kebab Sandwich. One of a dozen sandwiches on the menu, it’s a soft pita stuffed with patties of minced beef and lamb, hummus, baba ganoush and tomato. Really, really tasty and 35 kuai. A certain vegetarian/pescetarian friend gives high marks to the “hefty” Falafel Sandwich (RMB 22) and the “fresh” Greek Salad (RMB 25) that doesn’t skimp on the black olives. This friend was less excited about the “very normal” Tuna Sandwich (RMB 26). We’ve also tried the kebab and falafel main courses, RMB 45 and RMB 30, respectively. They are typically tasty and come with a nice spread of fried potatoes, marinated vegetables and an eggplant sautee. Sadly, they’ve been out of Apple Pie (RMB 13) every time we asked about it.

Mediterranean Sandwich and Coffee Bar is located on tiny Da Gu Lu, between Chengdu Bei Lu and Shimen Yi Lu, in the eastern-most section of Jing ‘An District. It’s comfortable, clean, spacious and artsy, in a US-college-town-coffee-shop sort of way. The music doesn’t suck, either — which is saying a lot for this town. They played Supergrass, and I was happy. Nothing too Mediterranean about that, but the owners sure looked authentic.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of their menu, too. Breakfast — served all day on weekends — looks promising. This place has bagels! Check out their menu yourself. And bookmark it. You never know when a typhoon is going to hit.

(What? A review of a coffee bar with no mention of coffee?!? Sorry. I prefer orange juice.)

Mediterranean Sandwich and Coffee Bar, 415 Da Gu Lu (大沽路415号), Tel: 6327 0897.

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08.12.2005, 9:30 PM · Best of Shanghai, Food


  1. Good to see that you also like this place. It is my favourite lunch restaurant in Shanghai, just around the corner from my office. The food is great, service quick, and the atmosphere very modern (un-Chinese). They also deliver. Try the bagel with cream cheese and salmon next time, it’s excellent. And when you are there anyway, also visit Muenchener Freiheit, the black/red restaurant next door. Very good German food, and reasonably priced. Not very busy yet, as most people don’t seem to know it yet.

  2. Really like the layout of your blog. I’ve been coming here off and on since I came to Korea years ago, now I’m finally living in Beijing so I will read more regularly. Also started CLBlog after 3 years of KLblog.

  3. Same here. Loved your blog. Have been to Shanghai but never saw it the way you did :) You must be having a ball of a time.



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