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the top 20 albums of 2003

apropos of nothing, i am posting my top 20 albums of 2003 … and i am doing it in late january 2004. you may ask: why? a valid question, indeed. but if i can stop one chinese kid from listening to linkin park, then this list was worth the trouble.

20. quasi :: hot shit
19. the decemberists :: her majesty …
18. outkast :: speakerboxx/the love below
17. the strokes :: room on fire
16. califone :: quicksand: cradlesnakes
15. broken social scene :: you forgot it in people
14. manitoba :: up in flames
13. radiohead :: hail to the thief
12. jay-z :: the black album
11. death cab for cutie :: transatlanticism
10. the unicorns :: who will cut our hair when we’re gone?
09. my morning jacket :: it still moves
08. clearlake :: cedars
07. the wrens :: the meadowlands
06. the constantines :: shine a light
05. grandaddy :: sumday
04. the postal service :: give up
03. the new pornographers :: electric version
02. cat power :: you are free
01. the shins :: chutes too narrow

a second opinion (from richmond eustis) …

10. eels :: shootenanny!
09. bobby bare jr. :: young criminals starvation league
08. quasi :: hot shit
07. the decemberists :: her majesty …
06. bonnie prince billy :: master and everyone
05. the new pornographers :: electric version
04. ted leo & the pharmacists :: hearts of oak
03. dean wareham & britta phillips :: l’avventura
02. calexico :: feast of wire
01. cat power :: you are free

please feel free to post your list below.

01.27.2004, 4:21 PM · Music


  1. Linkin Park’s music doesn’t look so terrible to me,maybe you don’t get it.There’re many rock music here in Shanghai,and everyone has his own choice.So…I think it’s no good to ask others to choose the music your way.Maybe I have no sense of rock,but Linkin Park’s is not a bad song I think.Anyway,I don’t mean to be rude…

  2. IN THE END is not a bad song.

  3. please tell me where all of this music is in shanghai—i’m still looking for it. (is there really something to “get” when it comes to linkin park or any of the groups in that entire genre of sound-alike, nu-metal bands?)

  4. You can find Jay-z’s from bootleggers near JIAOTONG University.

  5. my list along with some other crap will be appearing at www.OrangeSt.com shortly.