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on the menu: interesting “english”

Interesting English translations at Shanghai restaurants

(there are no misspellings on this page!)

AFanti Delicious Food Public place entertainment
That’s what it says on their sign! Their menu* calls the place “Apandy Uygur Food 8 intertainment City.”

Click here to listen to “Georgie Bush,” the Turkish guy who cooks lamb kebabs in front of the restaurant. (1:43, 1 MB)

Cold Cheep Belly
Delicious Claw
Sheep Lung Chips
Chilly Claw
Sour and Host Sheep Head
Stewec0l Pigeorc in Soy Sauce
Sinkiang Camel Meat
Tacheng Horse Belly
Stewecl Nest Kidney
Didecious Bean
Pure and White Dish
Sour and Hat Stewed Beans Powder
Delicious Jellyfish
Special “Tiger” Dish
Use-Hand-Stewed Mutton
Stewed Mutton With Narc
Purely Fried Mutton
Sheep’s Hoof
Boiled and Fried Shreeded Belly
Fried Special Sheep Liver
Fried Sheep Waist
Ster-Fried Young Chicken
Dilicious Mutton With Garlik
White Bite With Eggs
Greep With Pine Core
Yellow Croaker in Big Dish
Stewed Eel in Suice
Fried Shree Olded Meat With Hojbed Chives
Beef Ironed Beef
Ironed Fish
Peer Claw Bao
Delicious Eggplant
Fried Egg Plant
Slided Calabash
Slided Cabbage
Slided Bean
Fresh Meat Ball Soup
Polo Without Meat
Sour Lagman
Ordinary Lagman
Ding Ding Lagman

*They have since changed their menu. Now it has photos instead of English. Good idea.

The Doctor on the Corner
Items listed in order they appear on menu.

Green Pieces of Flower Twig
Pineapple and Meat with Tomato Jam
The Back of Finless Eel Fryiede in the Oil
The Back of Finless Eel on the Sheet Iron
Eel Cooked in the Special Sause
Water-Boiling Beef
Iron Beef
Before Time Eggplant Pie
Hoofs Have No Oil
Dog Meat in the Sand Bowl
Intestine Boiled in Water
Sweet Smell Squid Eggs
Frog Soup
Tree Kinds of Special Meat Soup
Big Crab From Shanghai
Fish Head Soup and Flower
Drunken Shrimps
Spoiled Chicken Foot
Spoiled Little Yellow Croaker
Distinguishing Feature Bean Curd
Marinate Piece Fish
Pickled Mustard Tuber Soup with Egg Drops
Fish Flavored Fried Chicken
Shrimp Balls with Cashewnuts
Chicken Blood Bean Curd

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